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Adam Smith’s Innovation by Division of Labor

Daniel Kahneman in Thinking, Fast and Slow describes what he calls “What You See Is All There Is”: The combination of a coherence-seeking System 1 with a lazy System 2 implies that System 2 will endorse many intuitive beliefs, which … Continue reading

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On the warfarin path, part 2

The first essay in this series is here. Let’s turn now in our warfarin narratives to a few more developed accounts, including Karl Paul Link’s own published account. [I have corrected a biographical error–Prof. Link’s Ph.D. was from Wisconsin, not … Continue reading

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On the warfarin path

We frame our expectations and our insights by the stories we tell.  This is true as well of the stories of innovation.   How does something new come into the world and reshape things?  We have two primary narratives–bane and boon–one, … Continue reading

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