SB 6542 in Star Trek

SB 6542 will force universities to a voluntary IP program, and is being opposed by administrators who believe it is a virtue to place institutional self-interest ahead of individual liberty….  Translated into Star Trek (TOS), it’s something like this:

[The Bridge of Enterprise, red alert sirens, all eyes on forward view screen, showing the ship is in orbit around a green planet]

Spock:  Jim, I must insist that we comply with the Federation’s mandate on non-interference.
McCoy:  Spock, people are dying down there!  We can’t just orbit around up here as if we don’t care!
Kirk:  That’s enough!  Uhura, get me engineering!
Scotty:  Engineering here.
Kirk:  Scotty, I need a non-interference generator.  Can you do it?
Scotty:  Weh na, I didna ha ta study such a thin’ in any textbook, but I tae your drift, Capt’n.
Kirk:  Excellent.
Spock:  I see your strategy, Captain.  Very insightful indeed.
McCoy:  I don’t see anything at all!  Are we going to just stand here talking?
Kirk:  Easy, Bones! [assertively, settling in his command chair]  We have a mandate on non-interference, and that’s just what we intend to do!

[at Romulan slave labor headquarters on planet surface]

Dorgan: [in Romulan, with subtitles] /What?  What just appeared? /
Henchling: /Sir, sir, a massive cloud of non-interference.  It will free the slaves!/
Dorgan: /No!  It cannot be!  It must be destroyed!/
Golar: [looking away, quietly] /Or we all perish. . . . /


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