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Vistas of Potential and Speculative University Inventions

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a cover story on reproducing the results of medical research.  It’s behind a subscription pay wall on-line.  (fwiw, I used some of my expiring frequent flyer miles to subscribe to keep the rest active).  “This … Continue reading

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We have questions

When we interpret Bayh-Dole as a social text, we get beyond the immediate claims and into a territory that tests our competence. Continue reading

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Is This as Good as It Gets?

One of the biggest problems with university technology transfer is that it cannot manage deliberative rhetoric. Everything is criticism, and the criticism is construed to attack the idea of technology transfer, Bayh-Dole, and/or the competency of those working in the … Continue reading

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Adding Some Short Stuff

I’ve been posting essay-length stuff here. That’s needed, since there’s little that is published in this area that has any heft to it and isn’t caught up in scholarly self-annotation. Turns out that blog discussions have way more to offer. … Continue reading

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