Bayh-Dole, Federal Agency Conflict of Interest, and the Covid Vaccines

Here is a recent video clip of an interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. He asserts that it was known that HCQ and Ivermectin were effective in treating corona viruses by 2004.

Kennedy cites 21 CFR 56.102(d):

Emergency use means the use of a test article on a human subject in a life-threatening situation in which no standard acceptable treatment is available, and in which there is not sufficient time to obtain IRB approval.

You can’t have “emergency use” if there’s an available “standard acceptable treatment.”

Thus, to clear the way for the NIH’s covid “vaccine” (that didn’t vax, that wasn’t tested to demonstrate safety, that has caused harm and hasn’t helped), the NIH and other government agencies suppressed alternative treatments. Sure, it doesn’t help that the NIH also appears culpable in funding the gain of function research that brought us these mutant strains of corona virus. But leaving that aside, we have, apparently, an example of the huge conflict of interest at federal agencies that Bayh-Dole has helped to create by permitting federal agencies to deal in patents for money, and deal exclusively, and do the deals in secret.

Bayh-Dole may have been just an obscure law about an arcane bit of patent lore, twisted and misrepresented by university administrators to screw over academic inventors, threaten industry, and abuse the public by encouraging price-gouging (and even advocating that price-gouging is a necessary “incentive” to “make Bayh-Dole work as intended.” Screw them back. But now Bayh-Dole has come front and center. My god, what has it done? It has encouraged federal officials to put getting credit for responding to the covid situation ahead of actually responding to the covid situation as a matter of good science and medical evidence. If they get credit for saving the nation with their vaccine, and vaccine research, why, they stand to get more funding from Congress, and some of them–inventors–stand to receive huge royalty-sharing checks, courtesy of Reagan’s Executive Order 12591.

It just cannot be. We do not need to live like this. The government must get out of the patent business. No more exclusive licenses. No more money interest in patents. No more conflict of interest between patents that the government (or its contractors or its cooperative research or other transaction authority corporate partners) has got and government policy or recommendations or even scientific comment with the appearance of authoritative statement. Enough is enough. We have been harmed in a huge, widespread, on-going way–death, injury, loss of jobs, loss of livelihoods, and that’s just the start.

Bayh-Dole is not some cute rabbit responsible for a wild success in patent speculation and trolling by universities. We see it for what it is. A massive, damaging inducement to federal agency conflict of interest, and those conflicts have resulted in horrible damage that is now coming to light.

I hope RFK Jr adds Bayh-Dole on his campaign platform as one more thing that has to be challenged and repealed. Whether Kennedy is elected or not, by making Bayh-Dole visible as the rotten thing it is, at least we have a chance, finally, of getting rid of it and its trail of fools and fakers who claim it has been a wonderful thing.

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