Thanksgiving 2017

To all those who seek to discover, invent, collect, develop, create, author, realize, and do something with any of that–thank you for your efforts, your insights, your inspiration.

For those who build administrative systems to support such work–thank you, too. You have an important role to play, if you choose your work wisely.

We must keep in mind that institutions that become voracious in consuming the work of discovery to feed their own administrative vision of “innovation” systems reduce the research creativity available to a community. A determination to make all creative work conform to an an administrative system in the service of an institution may–despite the claimed intentions–work against creativity, against research volatility, against opportunity for change.

To work in research enterprise necessarily involves an optimism that the world yet contains amazing mysteries that can become knowable, and that we will become better for that knowing.

Thank you to those of you who have visited the articles at Research Enterprise, and thank you to those who have commented (on-line and off). Research enterprise, too, has its mysteries yet to be made known.


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