Boiling away “Why Bayh-Dole”

The basis of the patent system is individual inventor rights. Bayh-Dole strips these in favor of institutional exploitation. Bayh-Dole is inventor loathing.

The results are terrible. Commercialization rates are 1/1oth what they were before Bayh-Dole. Bayh-Dole has created tens of thousands of unworked patents. Bayh-Dole is anti-innovation.

Bayh-Dole exists so that pharma can get monopoly rights to federally supported drug discoveries and charge monopoly prices. Bayh-Dole enables a market to exploit suffering.

Bayh-Dole grants private rights in patents in exchange for limited rights in those patents. But universities ignore the limits and go for the money. Federal agencies turn a blind eye. Bayh-Dole is never enforced.

Bayh-Dole should be repealed. It’s been a terrible 35 years. Nothing would be better.

If the U.S. government paid for prescription drugs the most favorable price those drugs were offered anywhere in the world (or even in any developed country), then we’d have enough money to fund most everyone’s basic health care needs. Bayh-Dole steals basic health care in favor of speculator profits.

Bayh-Dole, what a killer.

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