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Patents in Space-3

We are working through an article by Famiya Masood published March 11, 2020 in The Nation, a Pakistan newspaper. Masood takes up an important issue–how to make Pakistani research supported by the government more productive for things that people are … Continue reading

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“Protection” of inventions in Bayh-Dole

Twitter thread: Federal patent law uses “protect” with respect to inventions only in Bayh-Dole’s strange definition of invention at 35 USC 201(d): “is or may be patentable or otherwise protectable under this title” What does it mean to “protect” an … Continue reading

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University inventions that aren’t exactly worthless-1

Let’s work the logic of university administrators thinking, ahem, about innovation. We have to do this sort of thing because it appears few university administrators bother with logic. Logic certainly is easily distracted by fallacies and is perhaps then overrated. … Continue reading

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