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The non-preference for US manufacturing under Bayh-Dole

A recent search at RE was looking for “preference for manufacturing in US under Bayh-Dole.” There’s a series of articles here on 35 USC 204. There’s also discussion of the related march-in provision at 35 USC 203(a)(4) and the broader … Continue reading

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Mick Stadler writes a letter in 1976 on “effective transfer mechanisms”–1

On June 29, 1976 Mick Stadler wrote a letter to Willard Marcy, the Vice President of Research Corporation’s Patent Program. Stadler, at the time was assistant director of the Case Western Reserve technology transfer program. He would go on to … Continue reading

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A Fine Overview of Corporate Sponsored Research

In 2008 Roger L. Geiger  prepared this report on corporate-sponsored research for Penn State.  It’s the best discussion of the subject I’ve come across.  I have been involved in or closely followed a number of the programs–the Intel lablets (some … Continue reading

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