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Bayh-Dole Basics, 5: invention assignment comments

Here is a basic distinction. Bayh-Dole prohibits nonprofits from assigning subject inventions except to an invention management organization or with the approval of the federal agency–and then only if the assignee accepts the nonprofit patent rights clause. Bayh-Dole says nothing … Continue reading

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Exclusive licensing in Bayh-Dole, Part 1: Licenses and Assignments

Here is what Bayh-Dole says about exclusive licenses: Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, no small business firm or nonprofit organization which receives title to any subject invention and no assignee of any such small business firm or nonprofit … Continue reading

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Five Audit Issues for University Compliance with Bayh-Dole

While most discussions about Bayh-Dole compliance focus on the time periods for reporting inventions, filing patent applications, and giving notice of election to retain title, the compliance issues that matter are often overlooked. The top five involve ownership, money, and … Continue reading

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