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As we in the US celebrate another Thanksgiving holiday, it is also time to thank all the tech transfer folks for their hard work in the service of innovation for a better society.  We may not always agree on methods … Continue reading

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Code 10-9

It’s been four years, now, that I’ve been writing for Research Enterprise.  Over 450 comments, essays, technical discussions, and parody Star Trek scripts later, it’s time to take a look at where things stand.  Over this period, Research Enterprise has … Continue reading

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Just a word of thanks to those of you visiting the site.  I hope you find the perspective here helpful in developing ideas about university research enterprise. For those of you dropping me notes by email, I appreciate the feedback, … Continue reading

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Feeling Festive and Innovation Optimistic

The year is winding down and it’s holiday time.   Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and festive solstice! Folks will have different perspectives on research enterprise and innovation, and its worth having some frank and firm arguing about it, but the whole … Continue reading

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A new page

I have added a new page, Guide to the Bayh-Dole Act.  This is a piece that I put together for the Innovation Reading Group last spring, and thought I would revise it and post it here as well, where it … Continue reading

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Updated Stuff

I have moved the Bayh-Dole Reading Group from Google Groups (where it still sits) to Google Sites, and changed the link over on the right.  I’ve also put the BDRG in a broader context, the Innovation Reading Group.  I aim … Continue reading

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The blog was down for a bit while Yahoo site hosting dealt with a server glitch. Things appear to be back up now. I have been busy traveling over the past few weeks, and dealing with some health issues, but … Continue reading

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The AbyNormal Patent Act

We are working through what Bayh-Dole did and didn’t do in managing federally funded inventions made at universities. If you are with me, we did a “thought experience”. Then I got all grumpy about rhetoric. But that’s out of my … Continue reading

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If it weren't for bad luck

A bad IP policy is worse than nothing. The purpose of an IP policy is (1) to change in the defaults of law, (2) to provide clarity with regard to employment obligations, (3) to set out protocols to manage IP, … Continue reading

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Getting it Out of My System

Okay, I’ve got a number of posts backed up here. I need to do some plumbing. A lot of work on Bayh-Dole, but it’s hardly the main areas of my interest right now. I’d like to work out some of … Continue reading

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