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Thanksgiving 2017

To all those who seek to discover, invent, collect, develop, create, author, realize, and do something with any of that–thank you for your efforts, your insights, your inspiration. For those who build administrative systems to support such work–thank you, too. … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Economic Life is Us

There is an order in the open-ended drift by which economic life develops and expands, but it is not the order of “challenge” and “response” to be found in military thinking or in Toynbee’s idea that civilizations die because they … Continue reading

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Posting Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here. I’m in Santa Cruz for a few days helping with painting the house with my daughter and her husband. I’ve got a new set of articles almost ready to go, but they … Continue reading

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Bayh-Dole’s restrictions on Pigpen use of licensing income, III

Bayh-Dole’s nonprofit royalty and license income provisions, thus, appear to have to do with navigating tax issues for nonprofit organizations arising from patent management activities. The effort in Bayh-Dole is to connect patent licensing income and the typical nonprofit exempt … Continue reading

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Why Bayh-Dole . . . should go down

Here’s an even shorter response to Brian O’Shaughnessy’s inventor-loathing, Bayh-Dole-misrepresenting puff piece, “Why Bayh-Dole?” If individual rights are so important, then why do universities take institutional control of inventions? Locke and Madison argue for individual ownership. Universities use Bayh-Dole to strip … Continue reading

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An Overview of Research Enterprise

I have been writing for Research Enterprise now for a little over eight years. In that time, I have posted 850 articles on technology transfer, intellectual property, and research policy. Here is a map of the main lines of development … Continue reading

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What’s uniform and what should never be, Part 2

In 1963, President Kennedy created a government-wide federal policy to address when and how federal agencies might consider allowing patent rights to remain with a contractor–any contractor, not just universities, and under any contract–not just procurement but also grants-in-aid or subventions. From … Continue reading

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Would an Apple and Broadcom v Caltech case deliver a second pounding to faux Bayh-Dole?

In Bayh-Dole, the public covenant that runs with patent rights in subject inventions is not as well developed as it was in the Institutional Patent Agreements. It is still there, but it has been broken up into pieces to make … Continue reading

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It’s Thanksgiving Day, and here I am up at 6am, taking care of the dog. She’s an early riser, so I am too. I’ve got a fire in the fireplace, and the espresso is brewing. I have been busy, so … Continue reading

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The Kind of Stuff I Do

While working on a book chapter on Bayh-Dole and university IP practice, I thought that it might be helpful to put together in one place a description of the sorts of projects I have worked on and continue enjoy being … Continue reading

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