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Taking Apart APLU’s Talking Points on Bayh-Dole, 1

The APLU has published a set of talking points about a bunch of things (original spelling retained): TALKING POINTS: UNIVERISTY TECHNOLOGY COMMERCIALIZATION, FEDERAL RESEARCH FUNDING, THE BAYH-DOLE ACT, AND FEDERAL SUPPORT FOR ENTREPRENURSHIP/GAP FUNDING PROGRAMS Let’s call them “cash cows” … Continue reading

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UW startups for FY2013 four years later, 1

In 2014, Research Enterprise ran a series of articles on the fake startup metrics at the University of Washington: Only 1 University of Washington Startup for FY 2014 4 Not 17 University of Washington Startups in FY13 Faked Metrics in … Continue reading

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FOIL Technology

A few years ago, the University of Washington claimed to have started a bunch of companies. I went through their lists of startups for two years and found they were making it all up. They claimed to have started 35 … Continue reading

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Voyage of the beagles

It’s not that I wanted to take a hiatus from posting ideas here at the Research Enterprise blog, but other writing tasks and various gusts of the life winds took me away from this forum. But I intend to be … Continue reading

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The Road to Redemption

Here’s a story in today’s Seattle Times about AnswerDash, a company formed by students and faculty at the University of Washington’s Information School (my emphasis): The company, founded in 2012, has raised more than $5 million, including a $2.9 million … Continue reading

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That's what we all expect from you anyway.

We have had a time of it exposing the disingenuous claims by the University of Washington’s startup program. There is much more going on than the bits I’ve pointed out. But some folks would rather live the lie than restate their numbers … Continue reading

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Lock-in and Value-add in University IP Management

John Gruber at Daring Fireball points out a new article by Dave Winer, the developer of the RSS feed. The article is about “lock-in”–the effort to capture users to a particular technology product (and its infrastructure) as a way to … Continue reading

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Feeding the 6,000

[Updated with new figures for the figure-challenged] In his thoughtful interview with University of Washington president Michael Young, Benjamin Romano asked about what will happen to C4C now that the Hall patents have expired, something everyone has known was going … Continue reading

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The University of Washington’s book full of (bullshit) metrics

Xconomy editor Benjamin Romano interviewed University of Washington president Michael Young with regard to UW’s technology commercialization program. The conversation is enlightening and worth the read. Mr. Young is adamant that UW has started all the companies he claims, and … Continue reading

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University of California proposes its own venture fund

The University of California has announced a $25oM venture fund drawn from its endowment, which UC proposes to invest in new companies in the “UC ecosystem.” Chris Newfield has an insightful comment on UC Ventures at Remaking the University. I’m … Continue reading

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