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Dystopia, Imagination, Innovation

Linda McGovern, in a web article from 1999, points out the following passage: Some of my youthful readers are developing wonderful imaginations. This pleases me. Imagination has brought mankind through the Dark Ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination … Continue reading

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Intersections and Progress

It’s Thanksgiving in the United States–time for harvest, family, and giving thanks.  Here at Research Enterprise we can be grumpy and snarky at times, and often there’s good reason for it.  But the idea of progress, of learning from the … Continue reading

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Breaking Three Cords

The architecture for university IP management is deeply entrenched. It is held in place by a set of three narratives, each of which is readily challenged, but together have such a satisfying outcome that it is difficult for administrators not … Continue reading

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Well Tempered IP Policy

In music one finds the concept of “temperament” in tuning.  Jim Loy has a nice discussion of the physics.  The basic problem is that the steps represented by the ratios of various notes, such as fifths (3/2), don’t exactly match … Continue reading

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Hope of Better Things

Vannevar Bush (1949) [emphasis added]: The real reason we made such great progress was not bright inventors or clever gadgets.  It was the fact that we had thousands of men who understood the underlying science in the field, who skillfully … Continue reading

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The Kind of Stuff I Do

While working on a book chapter on Bayh-Dole and university IP practice, I thought that it might be helpful to put together in one place a description of the sorts of projects I have worked on and continue enjoy being … Continue reading

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The Box of Technology Transfer

In The Marketplace of Ideas:  Reform and Resistance in the American University, Louis Menand works his way through the angst that is the lot of the English professor mired in a world of humanities departments who have lost their way … Continue reading

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Five Defects in Persistent Readings of Bayh-Dole

I read a couple of recent papers that involved Bayh-Dole, oh boy.  One was a new law review article on Stanford v Roche.  In what has come to be expected fashion, the authors mishandle Bayh-Dole.  Rather than spending time pointing … Continue reading

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Just how many Termans do ya got there?

I was looking at some accounts of collaboration and found this wonderful symposium paper by AnnaLee Saxenian.  It’s from 1995, but as it talks about the history of Silicon Valley, it is ever much insightful and relevant as ever to … Continue reading

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Perhaps Arena Rock is the Answer

I have been presenting the issues from a variety of perspectives and lines of reasoning. I’ve argued from history, that faculty-led, voluntary, agent-based invention management has been highly successful.  I’ve shown how the voluntary approach formed the basis for a … Continue reading

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