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Key Concept 5: Public Covenant (Addendum)

The Need for a Public Covenant A public covenant attached to a patent property right reflects a determination that the federal patent system, on its own, is not adequate to a given governmental or private purpose. We might say, a … Continue reading

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What should the federal government do with patents it issues to itself? Part 3

Here is one of the most provocative parts of Vannevar Bush’s Science the Endless Frontier: Science Is a Proper Concern of Government It has been basic United States policy that Government should foster the opening of new frontiers. It opened … Continue reading

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The IPA and Wisconsin’s 1969 Patent Policy, 14

We can then distinguish three sorts of invention arising in federally funded research at universities: inventive tools, inventive tools that can be sold as products, and articles that can be used only as products. An inventive tool is anything useful … Continue reading

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The Unofficial University of Wisconsin Patent Policy, c. 1960

In his 1962 compendium of university patent policies, Archie Palmer noted that the University of Wisconsin had no formal patent policy. By then, Wisconsin was an outlier among research universities, most of which had some statement regarding patents and inventions. … Continue reading

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Use the government license in Bayh-Dole

According to news reports (here’s where I first read about it–follow the link there to the article in the Baltimore Sun), the state of Maryland is attempting to deal with high drug prices through legislation that gives the state the right … Continue reading

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Not fixing a hole in Bayh-Dole

Bayh-Dole does not disturb federal common law with regard to inventions. Inventors supported by federal research funds own their inventions. The Supreme Court made this clear in Stanford v Roche. Bayh-Dole applies to subject inventions only. Subject inventions are patentable inventions … Continue reading

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Free Competition and Enterprise in Bayh-Dole

One reason that Bayh-Dole is so difficult to parse is that there are multiple levels at work. It’s easier to just say that Bayh-Dole gives universities ownership of inventions made with federal support, and they can do anything they want … Continue reading

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Institutional Patent Licensing–One of the least “direct” ways to obtain new technology

A few weeks ago I was involved in a discussion about how a region might import new technology developed at distant universities. One of the participants, with a background in AUTM-style technology transfer, made the off-hand comment that if we … Continue reading

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Ten Years After 25 Years After Bayh-Dole, Part 1

Ten years ago Sara Boettiger and Alan Bennett, a couple of University of California licensing officers, published an article on Bayh-Dole in Nature Biotechnology, “Bayh-Dole: if we knew then what we know now.” Boettiger and Bennett paint a picture of … Continue reading

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Federal patent policy for the 21st Century, Part 3

What’s funny (funny “strange” not funny “funny”) is that universities could implement the core of this version of the law themselves, right now, no politics necessary. Yes, there is still all the wasted paperwork to throw around under the current … Continue reading

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