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Bayh-Dole, the franken-sausage god

The full title is: Bayh-Dole, the franken-sausage god that destroyed private initiative and the federal research commons, eliminated subvention from university research policy and failed to create a public covenant to use research inventions to develop new products and create new industries … Continue reading

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Senator Bayh’s inventor-loathing faux Bayh-Dole Act

There has been plenty written about the practice lesson taught by the Supreme Court decision in Stanford v Roche. I’m dismayed how much of it shows no evidence of an awareness of the facts of the case and the primary … Continue reading

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Vannevar Bush’s seductive lie

At The New Atlantis, Dan Sarewitz has published an interesting article, “Saving Science.” While there’s plenty to discuss regarding his major theme, that scientists “must come out of the lab into the real world,” here I’d like to deal with a … Continue reading

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There never was a promise to assign

When Stanford in its litigation against Roche appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, it included in its petition for certiorari a declaration by Luis Mejia, the licensing manager responsible for filing the patents and offering an exclusive license to Roche. … Continue reading

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Faux Bayh-Dole and Stanford v Roche

I have been tracing the history of two versions of Bayh-Dole. One version is based in the law as written and reflected in the implementing regulations and the standard patent rights clause. The second version shows up immediately after the … Continue reading

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University of California’s Office of the President self-servingly misrepresents Bayh-Dole

Here is a bit of guidance regarding research agreements from the University of California Office of the President regarding sponsored research: Federally funded research has special provisions on rights to inventions. Pursuant to federal statute, known as the Bayh–Dole Act, UC … Continue reading

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Seven Ways Universities Commonly Fail to Comply with Bayh-Dole

University patent administrators and patent policies make a fetish out of compliance with Bayh-Dole. What’s funny is how this fetish is about selective compliance–compliance that advances the power and freedom from accountability for administrators, at the expense of faculty and … Continue reading

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Wisconsin continues to defy the US Supreme Court, five years on

Here is an excerpt from the University of Wisconsin’s current patent policy regarding the Bayh-Dole Act, under the heading “Federal Agreements”: In order to expand public use of inventions and in recognition of the need for establishing government-wide policies for the … Continue reading

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The tick bites deeper into the neck

I know, most of you don’t have time to work through 50 pages of close reading of a university patent policy, with all its levels and inconsistencies and misrepresentations and foolishnesses. Here’s a summary: FSU’s patent policy violates Florida state … Continue reading

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Florida State’s garbled mess of patent guidance

[Updated with new accounts of garbledness and bad juju. This policy just keeps giving.] Florida State University’s “Office of Commercialization” starts a guidance web site off with an enumeration of points about intellectual property. Here’s the first point: Employee Guideline: … Continue reading

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