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University claims on non-supported inventive work

In a note on the Guide to Bayh-Dole, a reader asks: One point I have been particularly concerned with is the position taken by virtually all of the universities that if a university employee is hired as a consultant to … Continue reading

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You Make the Call–NIH Version

It’s time for you to test your reading ability with that of the aces at the NIH. Let’s see how well you can do! Here is NIH guidance on Bayh-Dole compliance for awardees of NIH grants: The Bayh-Dole Act includes … Continue reading

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That's what we all expect from you anyway.

We have had a time of it exposing the disingenuous claims by the University of Washington’s startup program. There is much more going on than the bits I’ve pointed out. But some folks would rather live the lie than restate their numbers … Continue reading

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Lock-in and Value-add in University IP Management

John Gruber at Daring Fireball points out a new article by Dave Winer, the developer of the RSS feed. The article is about “lock-in”–the effort to capture users to a particular technology product (and its infrastructure) as a way to … Continue reading

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