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Feeding the 6,000

[Updated with new figures for the figure-challenged] In his thoughtful interview with University of Washington president Michael Young, Benjamin Romano asked about what will happen to C4C now that the Hall patents have expired, something everyone has known was going … Continue reading

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The University of Washington’s book full of (bullshit) metrics

Xconomy editor Benjamin Romano interviewed University of Washington president Michael Young with regard to UW’s technology commercialization program. The conversation is enlightening and worth the read. Mr. Young is adamant that UW has started all the companies he claims, and … Continue reading

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University of California proposes its own venture fund

The University of California has announced a $25oM venture fund drawn from its endowment, which UC proposes to invest in new companies in the “UC ecosystem.” Chris Newfield has an insightful comment on UC Ventures at Remaking the University. I’m … Continue reading

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Teaching Innovators to Innovate

Taleb in Antifragile, having commented on the invention of rollers on suitcases: The simpler and more obvious the discovery, the less equipped we are to figure it out by complicated methods. The key is that the significant can only be … Continue reading

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Xconomy Looks at UW's Commercialization Record

Following on a piece in July by Kaylee Galloway for Catalyst that raised questions about UW’s commercialization program, Benjamin Romano of Xconomy has written an article that takes a look. Romano reports various perspectives, and lets readers decide what to make of … Continue reading

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Four approaches to university IP management

It may be useful to map out four approaches to university IP management: Personal Entrepreneurial Institutional Open The discussion below does not advocate for one approach over the others, though compulsory institutional IP management seems not to have worked all … Continue reading

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