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Another Thing That Can Go Wrong With HR 3309

Are you tracking the anti-troll legislation making its way through Congress? Chris Gallagher has been doing that, and some of you are no doubt on his mailing list with updates. If you are an administrator at a university, and you … Continue reading

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Incommensurate Innovation Mindsets

Alasdair McIntyre in After Virtue presents two contrasting arguments. Shortened up and re-cast slightly, they are: (a) Justice demands that every citizen should enjoy equal opportunity to develop his or her talents. But that requires equal access to health care … Continue reading

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To be the lighthouse, not the reef

Judging from the tone of Chris Gallagher’s reporting on S. 1720 and S. 1310, the anti-troll bills working their way through the US Senate, university administrators are not paying much attention to the consequences. If these bills are combined and … Continue reading

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The basic researcher as poet-maker

In 1953, the NSF in its third annual report publishes a discussion of basic research. In its opening paragraph, the NSF associates scientific creativity with that of “poet or painter”: A worker in basic scientific research is motivated by a … Continue reading

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