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UC Berkeley to make $160m per year on its patents

University patent policies are, these days, entirely about money, and specifically about the university making money by exploiting patent positions taken from faculty, students, staff, and others. But as money-making policies, they are generally incompetent, foolish, and wasteful. It is … Continue reading

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The Alt Narrative that Refreshes

In Ash:  A Secret History, we get a slant narrative of a history that is almost our received view, but not quite.  The narrative takes place on lands we recognize, with place names that are almost the ones we expect, … Continue reading

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Newco and its discontents

Technology Transfer Tactics has an article out on UCLA’s Newco, but they don’t seem to have reviewed the Newco documents.  I don’t have a subscription, so I won’t try to link to it.  I expect the purpose of the story … Continue reading

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Innovation Wants Freedom

The university invention equity approach was so much the better than the present compulsory ownership approach. The equity discussion is flexible and allows for a broader set of responses.  It can consider acknowledgement, repayment, shop rights, a license to the … Continue reading

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University of Utah’s New Patent Policy, Part II

The University of Utah has updated its patent policy.  We have been through it recently.  I had such hopes that Utah would come to its senses and stop mending bad fences.  Sadly, instead they head into the void, with a … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Dr. Peter Salovey, President of Yale University

August 17, 2013 Dr. Peter Salovey President, Yale University Dear President Salovey, I am writing to ask you to review the situation with regard to late Professor John Fenn in light of new developments in the matter of federal laws … Continue reading

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Five Law Cases for University IP Management

Here are some law cases involving intellectual property that faculty considering IP policies and scholarship should be aware of. I give a date for a primary decision (there are all sorts of proceedings for these cases), a brief summary, and … Continue reading

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Sharing, accounting, audit, joint accounting, and joint sharing

The Bayh-Dole Act at 35 USC 202(c)(7) requires sharing of royalties earned on subject inventions with inventors.  That sharing is part of the “expenses incidental to the administration of subject inventions”: (B) a requirement that the contractor share royalties with … Continue reading

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University Patent Policies, Past and Present, Part I

How should a university (faculty, students, staff, administrators, alumni, sponsors and donors, regents, governments) manage inventions made by those hosted by the university? It is a big question, and it may be a misleading one. There are all sorts of … Continue reading

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Two Key Moves in IPA to Bayh-Dole

The short form on IPAs vs Bayh-Dole.  Two big changes: 1.  Bayh-Dole removes the requirement for university ownership The IPAs forced university ownership of inventions made by anyone working on a federally funded project–faculty, subcontractors, volunteers.  Bayh-Dole and its CFR … Continue reading

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