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The Entrepreunial Research University

Three narratives have come together to support the transformation of American university innovation policy from one of diversity and institutional support to one of monopoly institutional control of research inventions, heralded as the best thing for the country. All the … Continue reading

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Breaking Three Cords

The architecture for university IP management is deeply entrenched. It is held in place by a set of three narratives, each of which is readily challenged, but together have such a satisfying outcome that it is difficult for administrators not … Continue reading

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A vaccine for university invention borreliosis

Equity in an invention arises in a number of ways under the university patent policies of the pre-Bayh-Dole misconstruction.   Generally, the premise of equity has to do with support beyond the normal activities and salary of the work, unless someone … Continue reading

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Well Tempered IP Policy

In music one finds the concept of “temperament” in tuning.  Jim Loy has a nice discussion of the physics.  The basic problem is that the steps represented by the ratios of various notes, such as fifths (3/2), don’t exactly match … Continue reading

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