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The Kind of Stuff I Do

While working on a book chapter on Bayh-Dole and university IP practice, I thought that it might be helpful to put together in one place a description of the sorts of projects I have worked on and continue enjoy being … Continue reading

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Manitoba’s Bold New Licensing Practice

It’s only a news story, but it shows the continuing set of underlying assumptions about university involvement in innovation. These assumptions just won’t let go. There is a narrative frame around them that squeezes tight. Take a look at this … Continue reading

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Finding the True Intent

I have been mulling over this sequence of statements from the court in the case of Shaw v. The Regents of the University of California: The true intent of a contracting party is irrelevant if it remains unexpressed. When a … Continue reading

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Five Questions That Shape Federal Research Invention Ownership Policy

In the industry research laboratories of the early 20th century, the question was, which comes first, basic research leading to new scientific knowledge, followed by development efforts to create commercial products?  or development efforts to create commercial products, which, when … Continue reading

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The Lens of the (faux) Bayh-Dole Act

I continue to be amazed at the persistence of the faux Bayh-Dole crowd. Like something out of The Road Warrior, they keep coming back to wreak havoc. Despite the text of the law, the Supreme Court ruling in Stanford v … Continue reading

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A Good Worry for 2013

Edge has published its question and answers for 2013:  “What *should* we be worried about?”  If you are not acquainted with Edge, it is a continuing conversation started by John Brockman to get scientists and artists to compare notes, as … Continue reading

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Universities for Innovation and the Export of Defective Bayh-Dole

In looking at how the American university administrator’s version of Bayh-Dole has been exported to the world, I came across legislation in India that proposes creating a new class of “innovation” universities.  According to a story in the Chronicle of … Continue reading

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Undoing the Research Myth in the Linear Model

Joe Lane and Benoît Godin are out with another paper that follows up on their Science Progress discussion. In their new paper, they argue that innovation arises along three related areas of activity–scientific research, engineering development, and production.  Each of … Continue reading

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