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Adoption before productization

In Four Steps to the Epiphany, Steven Blank argues that technology startups need to find their “earlyvangelist” customers before their product is finished.  Earlyvangelists are people who have a problem, know they have the problem, and have taken steps to … Continue reading

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I know, build a compulsory control scheme!

Teresa M. Amabile, “How to Kill Creativity”: Creativity is undermined unintentionally every day in work environments that were established–for entirely good reasons–to maximize business imperatives such as coordination, productivity, and control. In Steven Johnson’s The Innovator’s Cookbook.  What do folks … Continue reading

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Innovating in the infrastructure

Here is an interesting take on innovation.  Bill Frezza argues that the STEM infrastructure is not itself practicing uniformly the best STEM.  For biotech, Frezza argues there’s still room for innovation by upgrading to the tech that’s current in other … Continue reading

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Voice + Choice

Does a national research innovation system benefit from the mass conversion of generally open and diverse environments of university scholarship to institutionalized management behind a paywall?  That’s what is happening in America right now.  Efforts have only intensified after Stanford … Continue reading

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