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The Plutonomy

Chris Newfield, writing in his occasional blog on the woes of the middle class, discusses innovation in a list of the “core concepts of the current system” in the US (where Right/Radical is somewhat equivalent to “Republican” and Conservative means … Continue reading

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A case for freedom

Let’s talk about “free agency”.   Institutions hate it, players love it.  Fans, they are not sure.  When it comes to university innovation, however, we need to work through a number of issues.  Let’s start with a few considerations. Universities have … Continue reading

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The Most Wonderful Thing in the World

Here is a collection of clips from ten US research university IP policies.  The focus is on claims of ownership, not considering any of a number of other matters, such as royalty sharing schedules or the conditions on  which property … Continue reading

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The Gulag of Inventions

A Chronicle of Higher Education story has this headline:  “Ambitious AAUP Effort to Guide Relations Between Academics and Industry Meets Resistance.” The “resistance” is from two officials speaking for AUTM and AAU. These are the same folks who led the … Continue reading

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In Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman develops the idea of “what you see is all there is”.  He makes the case that we use two rather different mental approaches, which he calls System 1 and System 2.  System 1 … Continue reading

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We could use better guidance on Bayh-Dole

I like how Eric Guttag goes after legal ideas.  I appreciate the way he digs into things, and his willingness to acknowledge when he needs to change his point of view.  Some time ago, he posted an excellent discussion of … Continue reading

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AUTM, the clueless inventor-loathing organization

. . . AUTM, of course, is already opposed, using their usual argument that everyone else is a stupid idiot and only AUTM has the intellectual capacity to navigate such “incredibly complex and nuanced matter.” {/vent} AUTM is the organization, … Continue reading

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AAUP on University-Industry Relationships

The AAUP has released a working draft of a set of principles for university-industry relationships.  The text lays out a set of recommendations with regard to intellectual property, research contracting and strategic partnerships, and conflict of interest.  The AAUP is … Continue reading

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Berlin contracts and Bayh-Dole

Germany has produced its own version of template agreements for research between universities and industry, called the “Berlin contracts.” There is even an English translation that makes for interesting reading. German law is also interesting because in addition to patent … Continue reading

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Invention use or patent use, which will it be?

A while back I looked at the Lambert agreements.  These are model agreements developed in the UK that aim to normalize research arrangements between universities and companies.   My review of them argued that they were a bit sloppy and inconsistent, … Continue reading

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