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Rear View Research

I came across an interesting blog post by Jeff Henning.  He provides an account of a talk at the University of Georgia by Stan Sthanuathan, VP of marketing strategy for Coca-Cola. Stan points out that a lot of industry research … Continue reading

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Trying to make the present assignment problem really simple

I’ve been working through the shift to present assignments.  There’s so much bad advice for universities out there.  You’d think the attorneys writing their blog posts and newsletter columns could at least make an effort to get it right.  The … Continue reading

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Putting the Groove Back

University tech transfer folks got Bayh-Dole wrong, repeated it so often that it started to sound right, were told by the Supreme Court they were wrong, and now are trying to implement privately what sounded good to them–compulsory university ownership … Continue reading

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Undoing the Work of the Grifters

When you clear away the BS, you may as easily get mystery as clarity.  For innovation management, mystery is acceptable. I’ve been trying to get at what is going on with the present assignment push in universities.  It appears to … Continue reading

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The UC Present Assignment Demand: Links

For UC faculty unsure of what to do with the UC administration “this is not a change in policy, just sign here to confirm you agree”, here is a set of links to my discussion of the matter, if it … Continue reading

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Vistas of Potential and Speculative University Inventions

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a cover story on reproducing the results of medical research.  It’s behind a subscription pay wall on-line.  (fwiw, I used some of my expiring frequent flyer miles to subscribe to keep the rest active).  “This … Continue reading

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A new page

I have added a new page, Guide to the Bayh-Dole Act.  This is a piece that I put together for the Innovation Reading Group last spring, and thought I would revise it and post it here as well, where it … Continue reading

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