What should a university focus on?

Benoît Godin on the statistics used to describe science, technology, and innovation (STI):

– A focus on (research) activities rather than use and impacts.
– An economic-oriented representation rather than social/cultural.
– An interest in technology rather than science.
– A concern with issues of industrial countries (productivity, competitiveness).
– An emphasis on firms rather than people.

If one mistakes the categories for phenomena, and then builds a set of practices that reason from these categories to the world, one has to impose conditions on life so that it might come to be viewed favorably within the framework of the categories.  At some point, either we admit the limitations of our categories–and with that, admit that the categories do not teach us much about the world except when it conforms to our expectations–or we grow so strident in our enforcement of the order proposed by the categories that we force life to conform, and thereby we transform and suppress the very thing we started out to promote.

What would an approach lead to that started, as Godin suggests, with people?

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