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IP in 3D Printing

There have been a few articles recently on the growing importance of 3d printing or additive manufacturing. An early, important discussion is that of Kevin Carson on distributed manufacturing, “The Homebrew Industrial Revolution.”  The New York Times and The Economist, … Continue reading

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High risks

There is talk around about “high risk, high return” investments. Here is a thoroughly typical talk by Epic Ventures (web site since abandoned) to a state “Energy Advisory Board.” This is speculative investment capital talk, for the most part, from folks with … Continue reading

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The Bozonet as a Green Cat

I have been playing around with Pearltrees, which is a way of representing bookmarks graphically, adding comments, and making them available to others.  If you go to the main Pearltrees site and in the box by “Learn more or explore … Continue reading

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Scorching the 3d printing research community

Over at Open 3dp I have posted a manifesto piece on the problems I see developing in university practice in the area of 3d printing.   Being part of an open research project makes it clear how much of a problem … Continue reading

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Closer to Which Heart?

Science has recently published an analysis of the Stanford v. Roche case.  AAAS came in as an amicus on the side of Stanford.   The account is useful for what it leaves out and for what it spins.   My comments aim … Continue reading

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Dealing with the Syndrome of Assumptions

There are some assumptions of university technology administration that are worth making visible.  These include: It is better to get an invention disclosure early than later It is better to use a patent monopoly than other approaches It is better … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff

I’m looking for recent stories in which a university technology licensing office “did the right thing” and released its interest in an invention even though it had reason to believe that the invention was not worthless.   I am especially interested … Continue reading

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