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Innovation Interfaces

If we are going to talk innovation, then we also have to talk status quo. Innovation points to change, and so we may ask, “change from what?” We can call this what the “status quo”. The status quo is the … Continue reading

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The blog was down for a bit while Yahoo site hosting dealt with a server glitch. Things appear to be back up now. I have been busy traveling over the past few weeks, and dealing with some health issues, but … Continue reading

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Five Key Elements of Open Innovation

I work with five key elements in open innovation business models: critical mass congestion externalities weak ties drivers Critical mass is a restatement that open doesn’t matter if it’s solitary.   There has to be at least another player.  Generally, a … Continue reading

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IP for nuthin' and your deals for free

In IP relationships, I talk about the “Big Five”: Ownership Control Money Attribution Risk In the most basic treatment of IP, folks tend to introduce these in binaries.  Perhaps the most common is ownership for money.  But in licensing, it’s … Continue reading

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