Are you feeling all right?

Here are some implications of US university IP policies and technology transfer office practices:

1) the value of university research is referred at each point of invention to commercial markets;

2) university IP claims serve to create value for the already wealthy and powerful, or for those that aspire to that condition;

3) industry and investors in industry dictate the social fabric of community, and university research results should be another tool to this end;

4) administrators taking IP rights from university inventors and authors will make better innovators than those doing the creative work;

5) administrators stand in to protect the public from the greed and foolishness of university inventors and other research personnel;

6) it’s all about money, justified by the qualification that the money is for a good cause, the university;

7) yet no university, to my knowledge, reports to the public the specific use of the money it retains beyond the costs of managing inventions (including sharing with inventors).

There, don’t we all feel better about university patent licensing?

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