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Hmpf Vol 1, appendix

Let’s be clear. Bayh-Dole doesn’t transfer ownership to grant recipients. Grant recipients obtain ownership when they exercise protocols available to them under Bayh-Dole, and only then when they choose to become the owners. The transfer of ownership in inventions is … Continue reading

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Hmpf Issue Vol. 1

Looking at this paper from 2002: “Academia, Industry, and the Bayh-Dole Act: An Implied Duty to Commercialize”. I’ve seen it before and always shied away from commenting, but with all the buzz about Bayh-Dole around things like Stanford v. Roche, … Continue reading

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More Intermittency Shining in Management Darkness

There is a simple IP policy no university will implement: It is our policy to take no position on any IP arising in the university unless the university commissions its creation or the proprietors of the IP request our involvement. … Continue reading

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Minor Warlords Selling Krill

A friend sent me a link to this article by Steve Blank that shows how venture backed start ups have moved from IPO to acquisition as the primary exit. If the primary purpose of starting a company is selling it … Continue reading

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Is Mercenary Science, Science?

Inside Higher Ed is running a story that faculty members have been approached to serve as consultants to BP with regard to the oil spill. See here. It’s pretty typical in consulting agreements that data rights, publication, and IP can … Continue reading

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In The Survival Game, David Barash discusses the prisoner’s dilemma as a instance of where the payoff for defecting on collaborators is better than playing nice. When such situations repeat, there are huge problems for collaborators in responding to attempts … Continue reading

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RSS feed problems

A little housekeeping. Spent the weekend trying to fix the RSS feed. Appears to be a Firefox problem. Things are working for the comments feed, and in IE, I think. Sorry about the glitches.

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Bad Dog

Patent law is all social convention anyway. It is something we make up. We then task courts with enforcing our made up stuff as laws. Practices and habits build up. People and people in companies get used to the habits, … Continue reading

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Yes, Your Eminence

I suspect there also may be something else going on. Under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, the government cannot take private property without due process and just compensation. The contract between the government and the university forms that process … Continue reading

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Bayh-Dole at Large

Bayh-Dole 1) normalizes government agency approaches to claims on inventions made in government funded research; 2) places research institutions in a voluntary position to direct the disposition of claims on invention ahead of government agencies, provided the research institutions use … Continue reading

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