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IP in 3D Printing

This article looks at IP in low cost 3D printing from the UK perspective. The upshot is, as long as you are not aiming to sell 3D printers and you aren’t trying to sell copyright or trademark-protected objects without permission, … Continue reading

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Empathy and Innovation

Thought this piece by Dev Patnaik is an interesting development of the idea of empathy in design. How do we build a limbic system for innovation in a university world dominated by process-bound technology administration? One way is to allocate … Continue reading

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AUTM Finds Itself North of the DMZ

If we look at AUTM as a membership organization, where the dues are largely paid on behalf of the members by their employers, and ask what positions it has taken recently, we find that overwhelming those positions are with policies … Continue reading

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Rejecting Foreign Assistance, Too

Here is another article showing why the US is rejecting foreign assistance. And here’s a piece discussing how adding a criminal investigation will make it harder to try anything at all! A federal panel could gatekeep to say: here is … Continue reading

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Gatekeeper Dysfunction and the Second Amendment

ThinkProgress reports that Don Abrams of has compiled a list of nearly 8000 volunteers, many with significant expertise in oil spills, hazmat, and the like. BP hasn’t contacted any of them. Of course there are many experts available and … Continue reading

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Gulf Commons

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may be now 100m gallons and is a decade or worse-class disaster. The question arises whether university research has anything to contribute to mitigate the adverse effects of the spill. One would … Continue reading

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Baird Asks a Key Question

Brian Baird (Washington 3d District) made some important contributions to the House Science and Technology subcommittee hearings last Thursday. His challenge for university research is that bright people too often end up doing meaningless things. Baird asks, “Isn’t there a … Continue reading

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House Hearing

The House Committee on Science & Technology subcommittee on Research and Science Education held a hearing this morning. The charge document is here.

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Science and Alchemy

Both chemistry and alchemy involve “research”. Both can be referenced to markets. Perhaps it’s all good, even if there’s no science involved. There’s a claim that science is progressive, cumulative, self-critiquing, and given to a kind of Schumpeterian self-dismantling based … Continue reading

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The Best Discussion

Best Linkedin discussion of tech transfer these days is at the SpinOut group.

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