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The Value of TLOs

The TLO (technology licensing office) is a bug in the grass of innovation. There’s so much more involved than holding patents on research inventions for money. However, bugs have their place in innovation, provided they are the right kind of … Continue reading

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Feeling in the "No" Mood

I’m feeling in the “no” today. Here are some questions and various reasons why not. Should TLOs have first right to “commercialize”? No. Commercialization should not be the first activity for research outcomes. No. The first right should be offered, … Continue reading

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Software and Data in Policy-Making Research

I have been following the “Climategate” situation involving the release of email and software from the University of East Anglia. Apart from what appears to be scientific fraud on the part of a number of scientists, I’m considering what this … Continue reading

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A Deeper Problem than Most

Is university “technology transfer” all but dead? I’m not talking about the movement of insights from research to practice, nor of the management of intellectual property rights arising in university research. Rather, I’m talking about the offices that manage such … Continue reading

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