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Solheim Lab Microwave Kiln Micro-donation Project

As part of RTEI’s efforts to promote new forms of inquiry such as research-based art, we have been working with the Solheim Lab at the University of Washington. The lab has a blog for their open 3d printing initiative, which … Continue reading

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Pursuing A-110

OMB Circular A-110 sets the overall federal policy for the funding of university research. Within A-110, Bayh-Dole appears as a section within __.36, which pertains to Intangible Property. Other sections of __.36 address copyright and data. There are other federal … Continue reading

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Bureaukleptosis Assessment Tool

Does your university have bureaukleptosis of the IP? Sounds like an ugly malady, to be sure, and it is. At its root, it is an abrogation of the university’s role as trustee of IP in favor of an ownership claim … Continue reading

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Bureaukleptic Innovation Management

I’m giving some thought to “bureaukleptic” innovation management. That’s my word for it. Essentially, this consists in claiming everything one can, and then releasing what one doesn’t want. This approach is favored by folks who don’t have any idea what … Continue reading

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Research Chattels

I’ve been working recently on “research chattels”. These are things created in the course of research that are tangible in some way, and so not real property, but also are not simply the intellectual property. I’ve done some work developing … Continue reading

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