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Stats and the Darndest Things

AUTM stats were developed to make visible the practice load on a technology transfer office. As Benoit Godin has shown with the formation of the linear model (misconstruing coarse unrelated categories of basic, applied, and development research into a chronological … Continue reading

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Innovation or Invention?

Most universities do not consider a general approach to innovation, or as I would put it, deployment of research-involved new capability (DRINC). The patent-and-license piece is just that, a piece. It’s good to focus on how that particular action comes … Continue reading

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Bozonets and Innovation Practice

Maybe you already see where consideration of bozonets leads for university research asset management. Let’s take the draft bozonet framework and consider what may have happened with Bayh-Dole and university technology transfer. Pre-BD, only a few universities operated “technology transfer” … Continue reading

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Bozonet: A draft

Why is innovation in innovation management so difficult? One explanation that has been developing in my mind involves what I call the “bozonet.” A bozonet is a largely inexpert social network incapable of distinguishing expertise from non-expertise. A bozonet is … Continue reading

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Take Two Metrics and Call Me…

To evaluate a university’s commitment to supporting national innovation goals, here are two metrics that are not generally reported, but ought to be. 1) what is the university’s budget for innovation? In total dollars, and as a % of its … Continue reading

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Giving Lip

With regard to giving lip to university technology transfer work, perhaps we really do live in a “who cares?” administrative environment. You know, as in it’s all petty idealism to actually think that public statements should reflect what is happening … Continue reading

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Follow the Money Tensions

Bayh-Dole sets up a three key tensions in how licensing money is allocated. costs vs research (invest or slush?) inventors vs administration (how much is shared?) inventors vs other costs (when is it shared?) Universities mobilize policy to deal with … Continue reading

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